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[23 Jun 2017|09:45pm]


hello everyone!! i am still in the process of figuring him out completely but i wanted to throw him out there to see if there was anything he could fill! this is youngjae, he's 20 and a seoul native who's studying architecture at snu. he's a very positive and friendly person, maybe a little overbearing or obnoxious sometimes sorry, but he usually means well. he loves playing matchmaker or generally meddling in people's love lives too because he thinks love and romance is just the most wonderful thing in the world. he's really into designing things and then making them reality, namely smaller pieces of furniture and other carpentry like things; he does it for fun and as a side cash thing too sometimes.

he's best friends with [info]lotus and close with [info]shibal too, so any connections there would definitely be welcomed! if anyone needs a roommate or a cousin too, i can swing that as well! also if anyone is looking for a coworker, i've been trying to settle on a part-time job for him. any lines would be great and i'm definitely up for brainstorming so please hit me up!
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[21 Jun 2017|06:38pm]


hi everyone, sorry for the double post, but i thought i'd post here again since kat's gone through a few changes with pb and backstory! i have her a little more fleshed out this time around and i now have her working at a cat cafe in hongdae even though she's allergic to cats but times are hard in 2017 and sometimes you have to lie about your allergies to get a job. that said, maybe a co-worker or two who thinks she's sick all the time or she just naturally has watery eyes? she also could use a bunch of video game nerd friends since she also live streams her playing league of legends on afreeca tv. she was also a business administration major at yonsei so classmates or potential job givers would be great since she doesn't want to work at a cat cafe forever!!
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[20 Jun 2017|01:40pm]


hello! i don't have a whole lot on her yet, but i thought that i might see if anyone needs anything filled before i get too in depth! this is whitney na ([info]chapssal's little sister). born in new york, left after high school graduation to go to university in paris, france. spent two years there and two in london for shits and giggles. recently moved to seoul to be closer to celine and to get a tiny grip on her personal heritage. i think i want to make her some kind of history nerd, so i'm thinking she went to university for humanities or curator studies! loves fashion more than anything, but doesn't have the confidence to go to fashion school. i think she's probably teaching history courses to elementary level kids right now (but this could change because i can't make up my mind). a little brash like her sister, but mostly reserved and quiet. living that misty may wannabe hippie life with personal heroes such as stevie nicks and janis joplin, always with little dreams of making it to coachella eventually. forever bitter that her mom named her after whitney houston when she was so close to being named after stevie. this is so rambly already, so she could use anything from childhood to high school friends, an ex (m/f) she left behind when she moved to paris, pen pals that she sent cute little packages to when she was living abroad, new york people, london people, paris people?, a bitter rival, someone who is intimidated by her rbf, someone who knows about her inner history nerd (so probably fellow library dwellers), anything and everything! i'm good for more in depth and complicated lines as well
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member interview. anon is on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [20 Jun 2017|08:08pm]

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[18 Jun 2017|03:02pm]


hi everyone! this is probably a strange time to ask for lines, but let's take a stab at it anyway! this is katrina abayan, also known as kat and she's twenty-two and a concierge at a to-be-determined hotel in seoul who live streams playing league of legends on afreeca tv on the side. her backstory is a little complicated, but essentially she was born in chicago and moved to seoul when she was ten with her aunt, something she regularly has to explain when people are confused that she's fluent in korean when she looks like a foreigner. her personality is still in the works and probably something i won't figure out completely until she's interacted with people more, but i'd love a few lines to start! she could use co-workers, people who's stayed at the hotel or ever needed directions, maybe people she went to school with, pen pals, someone who's actually bumped into her on the street because she's not very graceful, video game nerds, people to get things lost in translation with, childhood friends and former schoolmates? *veruca salt voice* don't care how, i want it now!!
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member interview! [17 Jun 2017|01:58pm]

ask me anything!
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[15 Jun 2017|07:05pm]


hi all! recently the inspiration bug hit and i thought i'd see if anyone was interested in having some lines filled. this is maeng hoon, a 21/22 year old studying the science of food at seoul national. he's been in south korea since he was about 14 years old and before that bounced from place to place as his father was a pilot for the us air force. he has a soft spot for crass humor, talks fast and loud when enthusiastic, and always loves to have a good time at parties and social events. he's incredibly bright but he's also irresponsible, lazy, and comes off as an airhead since he speaks before he thinks. he has a pretty characteristic cartoonish laugh may he #rip but he's come to embrace it. there is a tiny bit more about him here but it's all fresh, mind the mess. i may have a roommate for him but any other lines would be great! if anyone needs a buddy they rolled around with in hs i haven't yet decided where his family is from/moved to at that point in his life. he could also use a former girlfriend or two, classmates, anyone who'd know him through the catering company he works with, hobbyists who may have gone to a cooking class or two, someone(s) who are horrified by the messy state of his room, friends he goes out dancing with, current and former flings, people he's hit on with varying degrees of success, a chosen few who find his braying laugh grating, any and everything.
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[13 Jun 2017|04:12pm]


hello! as i'm now in the dreaded bio stage i thought it'd be a good time to introduce her a little and see what we can come up with! this is tomita miki, a 21 year old art student and part time babysitter. she's been here around 2 or 3 years? i'm bad at math so please excuse if that makes no sense, but she lives here now, so! she grew up in england and comes with the accent and extensive use of the letters u and s, is very friendly, open, cute and bubbly at first glance, not at all shy (sometimes to the point of tmi), ready for anything, and loves to talk, talk, talk. on the flipside she's impatient, short tempered, actually very easily bored and has a habit of leaving in the middle of things, be it conversations, films, whatever. she grew up very independent and it shows, and she's trying to mellow out and be less of a flake as she gets older but generally is happy being herself: soft on the outside, chewy on the inside. i have some more here and i'd really love anything! friend things, ex-things, an ex-roommate or current roommate who doesn't mind her tiny fluffy zoo, anyone she's rubbed the wrong way, people who put up with her restlessness, calm influences, bad influences, korean teachers, literally anything!!!
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[12 Jun 2017|05:46pm]


hey, everyone! i decided to try fishing for some lines now that i have her applied. this is hana. she's 27, an interior designer, and from a rather well off family thanks to her father's construction business. she's only recently moved into the apartment building, but she's lived in seoul her whole life. the reasoning behind her move is driven by the fact that she is the mother of [info]oddish's daughter, mijin, and she wants to get to know the both of them. when she was younger she lived in a rather strict household where the two goals taught to her was to study hard and look pretty, but in her university years she very much cut loose. reckless drinking, hooking up, etc, etc. when she became pregnant her parents sent her out of seoul to try and keep it quiet and since then hana has done a lot of traveling, she started up a business, and bowed out of a wedding. so! she could use all sorts of things. friends, cousins, maybe someone who had visited her while she was pregnant, people to bicker about designs with, fellow hikers, antique shoppers, whatever!
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[12 Jun 2017|04:19pm]


hey, guys! i'm giving aaron here a little makeover because i've been struggling a little bit with keeping up, so i thought i'd fish around for lines because a lot of his have disintegrated. the majority of you probably know about aaron, but i'll toss out a little overview anyway. aaron is a 22 year old registered nurse (graduating this month) for the snu children's hospital. he mukbangs on the side and has his own little tiny following on youtube! aaron grew up with a psychic medium for a mother and a businessman for a father, though his father passed away from a stroke his senior year of high school. he still manages to stay happy, though! he loves people and loves talking, and is generally a hyper little pup. i'm down to brainstorm anything, reinvigorate currently lines, or we can do friends through friends, whatever! he just needs a few more people to bother
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