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[19 Oct 2017|04:11pm]


hello! i'm trying this again with a few tweaks. this is daniel and he's 22, he's from london but was born in seoul to a young single mother who passed away while he was a newborn and he was adopted shortly after that. he's spent his entire life in the uk and is now exploring his background at the urging of his parents and has been in seoul for about a year. he also went to university for early education so is going to be teaching english to younger children in the upcoming school year. he's an only child and was very fawned upon and a bit sheltered growing up so he can be kind of reserved and shy when it comes to meeting new people. he's more of an introvert who likes to observe but he does his best to be friendly to everyone and get himself out there. he's generally kind and can be silly once he's more comfortable though it takes a bit for him to let loose completely. he does have a drier sense of humor and can be a little awkward though he tries his best to have a good time with everyone.

he has no connections so he can use all of the lines! any sorts of friends or people who have taken pity on his language barrier, or if there are any other people from the uk are about would be great. maybe other teachers or tutors he can work with or someone he runs into now and then also. since he was pretty protected growing up maybe a few friends or people to pull him into being more extraverted and adventurous, possibly some earlier dates that ended up super awkward when he wasn't great at speaking korean, or maybe a roommate if someone needs one. he can really use anything but family so i would also love to fill lines if possible!
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[18 Oct 2017|05:18am]


hello hello, i always pick the very worst times to do these sorts of things but i still haven't learned, so this is kwon yongchul and he's a seoul native, born and raised. he is currently 26/27 years old, but will be 27/28 in february. he went to seoul national university law school and graduated from there and then immediately took up his place at his grandfather's law firm, also located in seoul. his father worked there up until a year or two ago, but retired due to health reasons and so yongchul got a heftier workload. he's definitely a little bit of a workaholic, but he's a good dude. he's successful but not the type to flaunt his success in a big way. he's kind of boring at times because he grew up pretty quickly since his parents always basically had his entire life planned out for him and he never really got the chance to be a rebellious youth. people who meet him probably think he's much older than he actually is because he rarely acts like he's in his twenties at all. he's got a secret soft spot for sob stories however, and will go out of his way to help people in need, which means that he takes a lot of cases that his firm wouldn't normally take. he's also got a big old shameful thing for dramas and romcoms and will never admit to it, but horror movies and gore really kind of freaks him out. he's pretty athletic, played baseball all through school and probably could have gone professional, had it not interfered with his life goal of being a boring lawyer like his father and grandfather. he has a dog named dubu that he loves so much that he sometimes brings him to work too.

so basically, yongchul is an old geezer lawyer guy who probably has a hard time relating to the youths, enjoys a good drama or romantic comedy now and then, has a heart of gold. i would really love anything at all and if you can't think of anything that yongchul could fill then just comment me anyway and i'll try to use all my brain power to think of something awesome. he could use family friends, maybe a girl his parents really want him to marry but he's just like "how about a nice handshake" after every date because he's not good with stuff like that, maybe the one or two exes he's ever had in his life because again, not good. anyone who has ever needed any sort of help can also come to him and basically give me stuff, thank you
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[16 Oct 2017|07:28pm]


hiii, everyone. i have bom jaewon here, a native to ulsan born the first son into a chaebol family. growing up with money to his name, life was pretty simple. he was popular in high school, spent dad's money like crazy, and was tailor made into the perfect heir. once high school was over, jaewon came to terms with his urge to act and star in dramas, so he covertly enrolled himself in performing arts school rather than business at seoul national like his father had intended for him, which was only the first strike against his father on a seemingly never-ending list. after a few months or so in college, jaewon got a taste of the ~normal~ life. parties until five am, sexual experimentation, you name it and he probably did it. jaewon also very publicly fell in love with a dude during those first few months of college, which ended up being quite toxic in the sense that mysteriously, saucy videos of him leaked onto the internet resulting in immediate plucking from the bom family tree.

now that he really has no connections to speak of, he's living alone, going to school while working at the local mcdonald's and living paycheck to tiny paycheck while he attempts to work his way back up to heir status. jaewon also models for esteem, his only salvation and claim to normalcy. i'll have a bit more in his bio later on tonight, but for now i would love any lines that you might want to throw at me. a roommate, potential neighbors, someone who recognizes him from his salacious videos who jaewon does everything in his power currently to side-step, fellow model friends, fellow wannabe actor friends, people who listen to him complain at mcdonald's, family friends, the ex who leaked his videos, etc. i'm game for anything!
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[11 Oct 2017|03:34pm]


alright, i think it's time i try and toss him out to the wolves again. his attempts to be social will end up taking years to complete so i figured why not see if i could put a rush order on that, just a tiny one. so here's a bit of a re-intro for taemoon here. he is a 25 year old busan native that moved some point after high school and eventually landed himself in the 1M Studios as a dance instructor. personality wise he tends to take a good amount of time to warm up to someone so his first impressions tend to be on the extremely shy, reserved, slightly odd side most times, but once he is comfortable he does a 180. he's a pleasant person, thoughtful and analytical at times, he likes giving but this can often be seen as being taken advantage of (and might be the case from time to time). he's naive but he's learning, slowly. his anti-social habits have been his hugest hump to get over but he's trying to get himself out there more, just needs some steady nudges. he's got a co-worker and friend in [info]rhymeregiment. He's known [info]agape since they were younger, having known his family growing up. He works with the 1M crew and that's just a lot of names to put down so they all know who they are! Also has friends in [info]hardstyle and [info]pirouette though he needs to bother them more.

I would love to be able to expand him out a little more and maybe find some more people for him to nag randomly, a pen pal he doesn't even realize lives in the same building as him. friends from back in busan. maybe an attempted setup/blind date that went horrible, or maybe not so bad but moon is oblivious to most things so could be hilarious. anything really!
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[10 Oct 2017|12:38am]


hello friends, i'm still tinkering with this guy's bio but i figured i'd snoop around in here for some lines before i get too deep into it. this is eric liu, and he's a 24 year old native of san francisco, california. obviously, with it being san francisco, he had a very forward-thinking and openminded upbringing, i'm thinking he possibly was raised by two men but that's not set in stone, and he's a bit of a wanderer as a result. he ended up in seoul an indeterminate amount of time ago when he got catfished by a korean girl who ended up not being what she said she was. he spent all of his money getting to seoul, so he's been working his ass off to either just make ends meet to be able to stay in the city or be able to afford to go back home. as far as personality goes, he doesn't take any shit because he's been through some life stuff but he's also kind of a fuckboy, a massive flirt and is charming especially when he needs something. he doesn't really have a dream at this point, just looking to be able to support himself, but his real passion is in music.

so far his only connection is through [info]wino as his basically lifelong penpal turned real friend but i'd love someone whose couch he surfed on for the first six months/year or so, some ex-flings (male or female, he doesn't discriminate but he also has commitment issues for obvious reasons), a current roommate who he's just recently been able to go half on rent with, some american friends maybe, a part time job he could work at and coworkers. maybe even the girl (or, plot twist, guy) who catfished him for something fun and intense? i have plenty of ideas, let me have it!
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[09 Oct 2017|11:36am]


Since Woo here is going to be running around, terrorizing people again with both legs and arms in working order, it is probably a good time to throw one of these up since he did kind of hermit himself post-accident. So, this is Ahn Woojin, 91er going on probably age six, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to make it beyond age five in maturity, resident auto mechanic who has an actual paying gig at Harley Davidson in Jung-gu, but will still help everyone fix their vehicles and appliances. You know, like if someone breaks a washing machine or something. He was born and raised for a good chunk of his childhood in Brea, California where his father worked for Suzuki Motors until moving to Changwon at age 9 when his father took another position with KR Motors. His mother, on the other hand, is an American-born elementary school teacher who somehow manages to put up with the Woos and their speed demon ways. He graduated from KAIST before moving into Skyview Terrace shortly thereafter, and the rest is history.

As for lines, he has a handful of core ones: [info]sunglass is his childhood best friend/roommate/heart eyes and, as such, he frequents Best Seller quite a bit, and [info]malware is his cousin. He had a ~thing with [info]nokcha that has made things fairly awkward now, and has friends in [info]kanga, [info]rhymeregiment, [info]pepero, [info]hexagram and [info]pirouette. If I have missed you, I apologize. If we don’t have a line, let’s make one. He can pretty much use anything—more friends, fellow gear heads, drinking buddies, exes, people he crosses paths with pretty regularly one way or another, patrons of Best Seller which probably catch him in there being the obnoxious friend he is, fellow California natives, the person notorious for breaking laundry room appliances and people with more car problems than they can count, dongsaengs, this, that, the other, kitchen sinks… etc.
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[07 Oct 2017|04:32am]


once upon a time, many moons ago, i posted in here and then i sucked and i faded into an abyss from which i just barely escaped, so i'm trying again and changing things up. hello compatriots, this is ara who has no last name just yet. she's probably around 21 and works at a big movie theater nearby. she's attending school for something i haven't decided yet because i'm wildly indecisive but she really loves her job at the movie theater because she loves movies of all sorts. her big dreams as of right now are to either do something in movies, or to do something with make up (or perhaps both, should she get really lucky). she's a genuinely nice person and loves to take care of people, so if anyone around her is ever sick she's all for running to the pharmacy to grab medicine or making soup or porridge. she's happy to feed people just in general. i'm still working her out fully and i've left some things a bit vague on purpose in case people need any serious lines filled, so i figured i'd post in here and fish around. if anyone needs family, i can totally do that, i'm down for anything! i'd love a roommate as well, some friends, maybe other movie buffs who like to chat with her about all the movies ever. honestly anything, just hit me up!
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[06 Oct 2017|07:59am]


i've been really bad about getting him out there lately, and i've missed a lot of intros (re-intros) so i thought i'd do this instead of trying to hit up old posts. this is tae, a seoul native who hasn't ever been outside of south korea (though he speaks english fairly well because his mother is american). he's a 95er currently working on his masters degree for social work. he's very social, trusting and loving, probably to the point of naivité. he gets attached easily to everyone and is a little bit obsessed with dogs. he could really use a little bit of everything right now: his older sister, cousins, close friends, exes (his first boyfriend in particular), study buddies regardless of the subject, people to drag him out on adventures, hyung & noona types to spoil him (and for him to be bratty too) and anything else we can cook up!

his current lines include a best friend in [info]drifblim, childhood best friends in [info]pikapika & [info]soigne, close friends in [info]parachute [info]pirouette & [info]ppoppo, a turbulent ex-girlfriend in [info]juice, a noona type in [info]pepero and a hyung type in [info]kanga! i would really love to rejuvenate lines, or even gain some new lines through old connections 💕
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