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[22 Feb 2018|03:20pm]


hello! before i get started on her info does anyone need family or a roomie?

private // moodboard [20 Feb 2018|03:58pm]


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[19 Feb 2018|11:06am]


Hey everyone! It's been a moment since I've done this, and I'm absolutely terrible at it. I'll have a whole spew in my head and none of it makes its way onto the post. Anyway! Kishik here has been around for a little bit now and I feel like there are people he SHOULD know but doesn't and we need to fix that because he wants to love everyone okay.

Kiki USED to be a vet tech but....that's just not the case anymore but he still organizes bimonthly adoption events so if you need a fur baby/have adopted one recently he very well may be the guy you are looking for to help set that up. Work wise, he is now [info]malware's personal assistant so you've likely seen him hovering over him with schedules and coffee and whatever else the guy needs (no kiki, we won't say your boss is awfully bossy!)

His absolute BEST FRIEND is [info]biaswrecker, but he would die without [info]shotski, [info]undercut, and [info]pikapika. He's getting really close with [info]kimchi and [info]urusai is his favorite person to scandalize. He's got an ex turned amazing friend in [info]squeak. You'll likely see him with [info]guccigang A LOT because. Well. He might be getting heart eyes.

But yes! Those missing lines please come forward and let's love one another.

i suck at these jsyk [18 Feb 2018|04:47pm]


okay! hi, howdy everyone. i've returned now that i have her a little bit more in tact. this is kyung-ri (kirby) kim, born in sangju to bang jihee and kim jungwook, but he didn't stick around for very long after they moved to los angeles to pursue bigger and better things. her father peaced once he decided that he wanted to go a different direction life-wise in the states, leaving jihee behind with two very young daughters to raise. after a few years, jihee found success as an interior designer and also found henry cavanaugh, an irish obgyn, married him and settled down. henry was the only real father that kirby ever knew and she treats him as such! kirby grew up watching figure skating on television which was the defining cause of her need to be the next michelle kwan, so she took the first steps necessary and joined the los angeles figure skating club. once graduating high school, it was decided that kirby would move back to south korea for the best possible chance of success. shortly after moving, she suffered a pretty bad fall and has since been too afraid to step back out on the ice.

now, kirby is currently working as an ice cream scooper (slave) at the local baskin robbins, majoring in physics (going with her alternate dream of teaching high school students), playing the keyboard for [info]undercut's band stargazer, and offering anonymous advice on her personal blog to kill time when she's not busy with other things. kirby has also recently adopted susan as somewhat of an emotional support pet. personality wise, she's pretty quiet, timid, overuses emojis, clever, the first to be anyone's personal cheerleader, creative, intelligent (with math, anyway), enthusiastic when she feels like being enthusiastic, etc. as far as lines go, mostly anything is on the table! so far i have [info]undercut as her very close cousin and [info]queenbae as a cute ex-boyfriend. kirby is a bit confused about her sexuality, though, so i'd love a girl she tried with and failed miserably with due to nerves. anything from a roommate, people who come to baskin robbins for ice cream therapy, someone who she goes to school with, the guy who she had her ~first time~ with, a friend who supports her and pushes her to get back on the ice or alternatively, someone she watches figure skating with and gently pats her head while she's emo. anything and everything with everyone, please!

[15 Feb 2018|07:35pm]


before i get her too fleshed out, does anyone need a line or two filled up?

[13 Feb 2018|07:29pm]


hello! currently in the process of working on her examples and going to be apping her soon. figured i would reach out to develop some lines. she is the twin sister to [info]hexagram but he is unaware right now. she has lived Itaewon for a few years now, she works as a media/communication consultant for a company. would be nice to establish some friend lines, roommate(s), just to get her going. she's pretty open for anything.

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