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[08 Dec 2017|01:49pm]


i am looking to hopefully bring in lee taemin as a writer of some sort, and was curious before i get to work on him. would anyone want him to fill any lines or anything like that?
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[07 Dec 2017|08:08am]


i was contemplating bringing in kim haesol (zion.t), but was first wondering if there were any types of lines he could fill?
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[07 Dec 2017|01:27am]


so i haven't done one of these since like july or something and i thought now would be as good a time as any since a lot of the people levi used to talk to have gone. so this is levi song, a 25 year old tattoo artist and occasional piercer from new york city. he was adopted from incheon when he was about a month old by korean-american parents who were very well off but not the parenting types. he doesn't generally talk about them, aside from mentioning them in passing. he's a little intimidating, what with all the tattoos (literally covered in them) and being six foot two and the resting bitch face and everything, but for the most part he's a pretty decent guy. he rides a motorcycle but he's put it up for the winter now. he's really into horror movies or video games, anything supernatural or occult or serial killers, most kinds of rock music, is kind of morbid and prone to being moody at times. he attended nyu where he got his master's degree and he just moved to seoul in april of this year.

he lives with [info]agape and his best friend since forever is [info]hardstyle and he's also extremely close to [info]mouthfeel and i think that's pretty much all he's got going on right now so i'd love more. some people who want to get to know him despite the fact he's weird and covered in tattoos and smokes a lot, anyone who'd know him through connections and stuff. i'd also love his sister, which would be super complicated and basically be a "she didn't know her mom had a child she gave up before she was born" kind of thing, but it'd help get the ball rolling on him connecting with his birth mother, which isn't something he's currently even considering. and this is kind of a ramble so i'm done now, give me things please and thank you
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[06 Dec 2017|08:49am]


Before I put any finalization on her info, I want to throw this one out for lines. This is Cho Jae-eun, 26, Jeju-born and raised, and current co-owner of a night club in the city alongside some other person with surely more credentials and money to own one than she has. She moved to Seoul in 2009 to attend college where she landed herself a business degree and, from there, teamed up with said business partner to carve out their little wedge in Itaewon nightlife, offering up the stage there for any number of performers, from your typical dj spots to dance crews to fashion shows, etc. If there is a way to fit it on a night club stage, she'll figure it out.

Though she does have this wild child streak as a result of public persona, she's actually pretty mellow and lives a much more quiet existence in Skyview Terrace, doing her part not to bring the work home with her unless someone catches her pacing up and down the hall while on the phone, shouting at someone who didn't do their job. That probably does happen now and then. As she grew up with three siblings, one of which is [info]crescendo, she does have some mother hen qualities and enjoys cooking when she has the time to do it which, considering everything that I'm hoping to have go on at said nightclub, probably isn't much time.

As for lines, she only has her little bro, Jinwoo, so she can definitely use more! If anyone is inclined to pick up her business partner or Jae and Jinwoo's other siblings, we can work that out, but those would be the only thing really calling for specifics. A roommate would be great, friends and extended family (cousins and all that), exes of the legit variety and probably a few publicity pieces even, anyone inclined to perform at the club so we can make group event magic, college peers (which I'm guessing she went to SNU, but I haven't nailed that in yet), whatever we can figure out.
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[04 Dec 2017|02:52am]


it's been a hell of a long time since i did one of these for this guy right here. now that i'm back to health and able to shake him up again, since he's been entirely too quiet, i'd love to get some fresh lines for him! for anyone not familiar with this old man over here, this is su. he's a 31 year old entrepreneur that's attempting to dabble more professionally in the music industry after years of dancing circles around it. he's got a few closets filled with delightful skeletons that come in all shapes and sizes and he's selective about who gets to peek inside. for the most part he can be pretty easy to get along with, but he does generally keep people at bay emotionally for a number of reasons. he has a few friends in [info]rhymeregiment, [info]selca, [info]mouthfeel, [info]undercut, and [info]pikapika. a cousin in [info]starboy, and i'm pretty sure that's the majority of it. if i left anyone out, i apologize and blame being tired. essentially he could use a lot, he's been snoring too long. i'd love to get some former or even current flings to stir things up, a possible ex or two, his sister or maybe some other family members, someone to slap him when he's being a jerk, someone that knows his family and a few more skeletons than he'd like them to know. i'm definitely up for just tossing some ideas back and forth and coming up with something insane and fun all the same!
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[03 Dec 2017|07:22pm]


hey guys i figured i should do this since i just changed his pb, but this is ashe hwang, 26 year old new york city native. he moved to seoul when he was seventeen and has been here ever since. he's currently a bartender, used to work in a bank, and does edm/house/hardstyle style djing on the side. personality wise he's bipolar as a personality trait, self-destructive, a little on the acerbic side, sarcastic as hell, deadpan even when he's being genuine, and is a fatalist on his best day. line wise he has his girlfriend/roomie double in ~zinthosraven, a best friend since forever in ~hexagram, a friend in ~mouthfeel, a tentative friendship thing in ~agape and... i think that might be it so he needs more obviously. he's open for anything really. exes, ex roommates, a cousin or two maybe? let's plot out something interesting.
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[04 Dec 2017|01:36am]


hello! i'm doing a little mini post to scoop some lines before finishing up, but this is min park. she's korean born, american raised, and moved back within the last year or so (i think??) to start working at an animation studio in seoul. she lives with her bf who will hopefully be popping up soon, and she's pretty friendly, silly, a bit of a space case and a big animal lover who had to leave her beloved cat back in america so if anyone has pets she'll be their biggest fan!! she also mukbangs because she may be small but she has a fierce appetite so she's probably been seen around hauling big bags of food or skateboarding by with a box of desserts as big as her head. and what else? her family are low level famous so if anyone has a character who likes fighting or follows fashion then it'd be fun to have someone who might know of them, but otherwise i'm down for anything while i get her all signed, sealed and delivered!
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[03 Dec 2017|06:55pm]


hey pals! i'm an idiot, but i'm hoping to get him re-added soon. i thought i'd hop in and try to catch lines with some of the intros i've missed in the meantime. this is hyojin, originally from busan and currently an air steward for KAL. he tries really hard to compartmentalize and seem emotional distant, but really he's just kind of an insecure mess of a person. he has a few connections, most prominently: a best friend in [info]mouthfeel, a roommate in [info]hexagram, a coworker in [info]wino and a first boyfriend in [info]hwajeon. he could really use a messy ex, childhood friends, an older sister & younger brother, old flings and hoopkups or anything else we can come up with! i would love to refresh any lines i've neglected and forge new ones, either through connections or not!
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[02 Dec 2017|03:50pm]


this will be short because i'm off to dinner real soon, but i have alice kim here! a twenty-three year old korean-american military brat who has lived just about everywhere but has decided to plant roots in seoul in order to go to school and get the job she's always been dreaming of. alice has lived in: stuttgart germany, vicenza italy, new orleans, and most recently she was situated in okinawa. she grew up with just her father, as her mother passed only a year after she was born, so she was destined for a good life filled with changes, traveling, people, different cultures etc. i'm basically just paraphrasing her bio here, which is must less hastily written and a lot easier to understand if you want to go check it out!

other than that very brief background, alice is attending snu for atmospheric science because she really want to be a meteorologist. at first, she tried the acting thing and made it into a few very low-key, low budget kdrama's but eventually realized she didn't have the talent for it and decided to move on to bigger, (hopefully) better things. she currently works at the studio ghibli store in seoul, so if anyone is a fellow ghibli nerd then she would love to see you there! prepare for her to chatter some ears off, though. personality-wise, alice is a bit inside of her own head most of the time; very head in the clouds in her demeanor. calm, airy, sweet, curious, gentle, easily fooled, clever, bright, etc.

as far as lines go, she could use anything. a roommate, someone she met during her travels who she kept in touch with, maybe a family friend or two, an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, someone who she crashed with whenever she moved to seoul two years ago, fellow students. i can probably think of a few more really interesting lines whenever i get home, but if alice can fill anything for you then that would be wonderful!
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[01 Dec 2017|08:25pm]


i'm just going to word vomit this, forgive me. this is ku yong, 25, from shanghai, china, but would more readily call seoul home. he was born in china, sure, but after a disagreement with his parents regarding his future, he moved to seoul to escape and ended up taking over a florist once owned by his uncle who moved to seoul years prior in pursuit of a better life for himself. since 2014, he has actually owned the shop and has made it into a florist/cafe, which has a fairly rotating schedule of drinks/treats as well as a front window he takes immense pride in decorating every single chance he gets. for a brief moment, he was almost married to some foreigner who promised him the world, basically, but earlier this year, things fell apart, so he is a little wary where love and romance are concerned. other factoids: he has a scottish fold named hime who is the queen of his world, bae, and the first forever. if you disrepect the queen, you disrespect yong. he is a former high school baseball player and is fatally allergic to bee stings, so you know, his job is actually dangerous. he keeps epipens with him at all times just in case.

he is roommates and family friends with [info]umbreon and has ties with [info]urusai as well, but otherwise, he has no lines, so i could use everything! florist/cafe customers, random dates which didn't work out in his attempts to get out into the fishbowl again, anyone interested in pick up games of baseball or going to games together, plant friends, hyungs and dongsaengs, cousins or a younger sibling if anyone wants any family lines, a couple exes prior to the marriage, attempted dates, etc. i'm open to figuring something out with everyone!
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[29 Nov 2017|08:23am]


hey hi hello! i hate doing these so much, so i'm apologizing beforehand is this is the verbal equivalent of a massacre, but this is kwon junho! hailing from seattle, and the youngest of three. his father is/was a preacher and his mother is a heart surgeon, which meant that he grew up in a loving family situation, wanting for nothing until he turned 14 and he learned about his father's various affairs with a few different church goers. once the divorce was squared away, he and his mother and his two older sisters moved to his mother's hometown of jeolla. there, he finished up school before making the trip with his older sister to seoul so that he could attend k-arts for filmmaking. junho currently works as an usher for the megabox coex theater in seoul and he leads a double nerdy life as a competitive pokemon player, traveling around different competitions in asia, hoping to one day make it to the big big big one in vancouver.

junho is easily excitable, puts on a very false innocent act, loves to give affection but hates to receive it, confident in himself and what he stands for, sensitive and emotional, possessive, free-loving, toes the border of annoyingly outgoing and super shy, nerdy, etc. he's old friends with [info]urusai and close with [info]crescendo and [info]hwajeon, so any connections from those three would be great! other than that, he needs anything. childhood friends, school friends, movie friends, cousins, someone who travels with him to his competitions/conventions because he doesn't do so well when he's alone, ex hook-ups (m/f), hook ups that are still ongoing, someone who gives him a drinking limit whenever they go out much to his dismay, fellow pokemon fans, people to binge watch it with, maybe people he's had added on his nintendo ds via friend code but are just now meeting, literally anything! let me know if he could fill anything for you as well! thanks!
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